Roofing and Cladding System

Balarka HI-RIB roof and wall cladding system is available in the following base material in standard execution. Galvalume high tensile cold rolled steel 345/550 as per AS-1397 standard (AZ 150 gsm/m²) Zinc-Aluminum alloy coating mass, total of both sides, 550/345 Mpa yield strength conforming to AS-1397. Roof Sheeting is 0.47 mm thick Hi Rib Bare Galvalume Wall Cladding is 0.50mm thick Hi Rib Colored coated Galvalume

Our High rib bare galvalume sheeting is well suited available roofing solution for all Industrial building. This High rib profiles are with 0.47mm thick high rib bare galvalume and of ------ gauges. These are single skin panels are fixed on Roof with SDS (Self Drilling screws).This high rib sheeting can be profiled with variable depths and sizes.

High rib bare galvalume sheeting

Our Low rib profiles are with --------- mm rib and of ----------- gauges It is available in variety of colours and contains minimally visible stitching screws, which makes it more suitable to fix on wall. These are single skin panel which maximizes the potential of steel frames to support the building and cover the structure.


Standing seam is the 360-degree double lock seaming sheet generally available in 0.55 mm thickness in case of PEB structure. This double lock seaming assures weather tightness and eliminates the chances for even tiny capillary leaks. Standing seams consist of vertical metal panels comprised of two vertical seams in each panel.