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Quality for us is a way of life. We follow the principal of total quality management in all our activities to ensure that only the best can be delivered to our customers.

PRANJAL PROJECTS (P) LTD. Is committed to provide a quality product to its customers in the field of sheet metal & driver cabins technology by adhering to the International standard of ISO 9001-2000, which are reviewed continuously for improvement to accomplish consistent customer satisfaction.

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Faster Construction

Being steel material, strength to weight ratio is always higher resulting speedy construction and faster deliver resulting in saving of time as well as overall cost.

Ease of Installation

Being lighter material, Steel structure is faster to erect compared to RCC frames. Steel construction takes much reduced time at site activities, plant, material and labor causing little disruption to normal life of the community unlike wet concrete construction process.

Strength & Durability

Steel construction is always considered as best suited material for construction in adverse weather condition.

Design Flexibility

Steel construction provided highest construction felicity in terms column free space, grid module, flexibility for future expansion without much constraints and ease modification to suit changing needs.

Architectural Versatility

Being ductile material, steel can be shaped in any architectural features for aesthetic performances.

Cost Saving

Steel construction result in very much reduced load on foundations resulting less cost of foundation as well as time saving.

Large Column Free Construction

The use of steel makes possible the creation of large column free internal spaces. This helps in for open plan offices and large auditorium and concert halls..

Early Occupancy

Reduced project time results in early occupancy results in economic advantage to the investor/owner.

More Carpet Area

Steel structure occupies lesser space percentage of floor area compared to RCC columns for all structure. Brick wall and RCC construction always occupies larger space and heavy dead weight on the framing system resulting cost and time.

Safer Construction

Steel frame construction is more suitable to withstand lateral loads caused by wind or seismic/earthquake

Recyclable Construction

Steel frame construction is more suitable to withstand lateral loads caused by wind or seismic/earthquake

High Quality Construction

Being off site manufacturing, steel structure quality and finish can be maintained to the highest degree.

Low Maintenance

Steel construction requires virtually nil maintenance yearly. fit and forgets construction method which does not require periodic repair or replacement. A normal cleaning once in a year helps in longer life of the construction.

Energy Efficient Construction

By using insulation material, steel construction can be made energy efficient results in energy saving and cost.

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Latest tooling Technology for higher productivity, consistency and reduced setup times.

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On time prototype development.

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Handling more variety of components & shrink development times.

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Records & Engineering Documentation are maintained as per APQP, ISO/TS 16949:2002 & customer requirements.