Pre-Engineered Steel Building Solutions (PEB)
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Eave gutters shall be color 0.5MM nominal thickness (26gauge) sheet
  • Downspouts shall be rectangular shaped, color 0.5mm nominal thickness (26gauge) steel.
  • Downspouts shall have a 45 degree elbow at the bottom and shall be supported by attachment to the wall covering at 3.0 m maximum spacing.

Ventilation equipments comes in two categories: Inlet Equipment and Outlet Equipment. Either one can be natural or forced. The planning and correct distribution of ventilation equipment has a major role in the overall efficiency of the ventilation system. Ventilation efficiency is also affected by the location of equipment, partitions and doors inside a building. There are two simple and practical methods for determining ventilation requirements: .

Skylights are light transmitting material (elements filling building envelope openings) a portion of, the roof of a buildings space (generally taken as 3% of the roof area) for allowing natural light to enter the building.

Polycarbonate and FRPs are the two types of accessories generally used.

Insulation is one of the ideal choices for larger construction sites or building at remote locations where you cannot find much of the installation services easily. Such insulation material when installed correctly, drastically reduce the heat transfer through the roof surface. It useful in all circumstances where there is a bigger temperature difference, higher heat flow or a naturally hot space to a cooler space. It is also useful to maintain a comfort in the winter as it prevent the inside heat to loss in the outer environment. While in summer, it prevents the higher heat that is generated outside entering inside the house. Statistics shows that almost 50% of energy used inside the house is to maintain a specific temperature in hot or cold. And that is why it makes sense to use pre engineering building insulation material to reduce the energy consumption and increasing cost savings.

Pre Engineered building insulation is used in industrial as well as residential constructions. Aluminum material on both of the side and sandwiched single bubble or double bubble polyethylene material happens to be the most favorite combination for reflective insulation. Moreover, there is not heat or thermal absorption involved so there is a very little question about heat transmission and you can go heat insulated for many years.